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Transform your property in Manchester with energy-saving, cost-efficient solar panels from GGRS Evesham. Slash your heating bills and embrace sustainability.

GGRS, is your go-to for solar panel installation in Evesham. Our services are budget-friendly, making an energy-efficient home within reach. With repair and maintenance options available, we prioritize exceptional aftercare.

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Meet your local GGRS Solar Panel Installers in Evesham

Here at GGRS in Evesham, we are incredibly passionate about what we do and have made it our mission to ensure their customers have a solar panel installation, and battery storage, which they can rely on.

GGRS in Evesham are a leading solar panel company, offering expert advice on solar panel installations in Evesham for over 5 years and are proud to have built a strong reputation along the way. Helping customers up and down the country save money on their utility bills, and protecting them against future energy inflation, is a core value of the business they pride themselves on.

Solar panel installation in Evesham has been made easy with GGRS, thanks to their straightforward payment plans and incredibly affordable prices, owning an energy-efficient home has been made available for everyone in Evesham. There is no denying that energy bills have risen, with some families finding them nearly impossible to afford month after month. That's where GGRS in Evesham come in to help.

All the advice we give is independent and based on years of experience in saving customers in Evesham money on their energy bills. We take the time needed to explain everything clearly and concisely, so you can be certain you are making the best choice when it comes to solar panel installation. Even if you have got an existing solar panel system, GGRS in Evesham can make sure it’s running as it should be, and even upgrade it with cost-effective battery storage to save you as much money as possible.

How does a solar panel installation work?

A solar panel installation on your home in Evesham will use the sun’s energy to generate electricity efficiently. The electricity that is generated can then be used to power your home, saving you money on your energy bills all whilst being environmentally friendly.

If you have a storage battery installed, then you can truly get the most out of your solar panel installation by storing the energy that has been generated, but unused. This means you not only use up to 80% of the energy generated from your panels, but you will still get to reap the benefits from the Government’s Smart Export Guarantee. Depending on your power needs will depend on the type of solar panel installation you require for your home in Evesham. If you require a large power output, then you will need a larger solar panel installation with more panels to accommodate your needs and will all be explained and provided in your free no obligation quote.

The 3 main benefits of a Solar Panel Installation

Reduce your energy bills

If you are generating your own electricity, you could save up to £1,000* on your energy bills every single year. In some cases, you can even earn money by feeding the renewable energy you don’t use into the grid under the Government’s Smart Export Guarantee.

Protect your energy bills from price hikes

You won’t have to go through the pain of price hikes – using your own power ensures you won’t have to surrender to expensive energy bills.

Reducing your carbon footprint

We should all do our bit for the environment, and installing solar PV panels on your property is a great way to dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. By creating renewable energy, there are no harmful pollutants being released into the atmosphere, making solar PV panels an environmentally friendly way to power your home.

Get more from your solar panel installation: Battery Storage Installation

Installing a solar battery system in your home in Evesham, lets you capture electricity so you can use it at another time. For example, you can store the electricity your solar panels generate during the day and use it at night.

Complete battery storage packages start from as little as £3,499.

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1. Simply give us a call to receive a FREE, no-obligation quote for your solar panel installation in Evesham.

2. To confirm your FREE, no-obligation quote, our MCS Solar Panel Installers shall complete a home survey at a time and date that suits you.

3. Once our MCS Solar Panel Installers have completed the survey and provided you with your FREE quote, if you are happy to proceed, we shall agree a date for the work to commence so you can start your solar panel installation in Evesham.

Frequently asked questions

You get instant peace of mind by choosing GGRS Energy in Evesham. We are a NAPIT-approved, fully MCS qualified and accredited solar panel company with years of experience and provide a service you can trust.

A Full solar panel installations start from as little as £3999 and depends on the number of panels and output you require.

Complete solar battery installations start from as little as £3499.