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Looking for a local solar PV installation, repairs and maintenance company in Isleworth

GGRS are your local solar PV installation, repairs and maintenance company. Whether you are looking to have a solar PV system installed in your home or place of work, have a faulty inverter or need a maintenance service for your existing system, GGRS can help.

All our work is carried out to manufacturer approved standards and you'll get the cheapest price in Isleworth guaranteed.

For a free quote call us on, 020 3813 4115.

Our local MCS certified solar PV engineers in Isleworth are here to help.

Here at GGRS, we are incredibly passionate about what we do and have made it our mission to ensure their customers have a solar PV system, and battery storage, which they can rely on.

We have been offering their expert advice on solar PV systems in Isleworth for several years and are proud to have built a strong reputation along the way. Helping customers up and down the country save money on their utility bills, and protecting them against future energy inflation, is a core value of the business they pride themselves on.

Solar PV has been made easy with GGRS, thanks to their straightforward payment plans and incredibly affordable prices, owning an energy-efficient home has been made available for everyone in Isleworth. There is no denying that energy bills have risen, with some families finding them nearly impossible to afford month after month. That's where GGRS come in to help.

All the advice we give is independent and based on years of experience in saving customers in Isleworth money on your energy bills. We take the time needed to explain everything clearly and concisely, so you can be certain you are making the best choice for you. Even if you have got an existing solar PV system that was installed by another company, GGRS can make sure it’s running as it should be, and even upgrade it with cost-effective battery storage to save you as much money as possible.

Do you have an existing Solar PV system that just isn’t working well? Whether it be no power output, or a red light on your inverter, we have a range of services in Isleworth that can help.

Solar PV panels are built for durability and are extremely reliable appliances, so when something goes wrong, you want it fixed immediately. We can send out an engineer to you in Isleworth, in no time at all. You won’t miss out on the cost-saving benefits of your Solar PV system and can be back to normal in no time.

Our services include:

Solar PV Inverter Replacement in Isleworth

The inverter within your solar PV system is generally only built to last 5 -10 years, meaning if your solar PV system is 5 years or older, it might be time for an inverter replacement. It plays an important part in ensuring your solar PV system runs flawlessly, with its basic function being to “invert” the direct current (DC) output into alternating current (AC). AC is the standard used by all domestic appliances, which is why many view inverters as the “gateway” between the photovoltaic (PV) system and the energy off-taker. Simply put, if your inverter fails or breaks, you won't get any power from your solar panels. If your system has suddenly stopped working, or you’ve got a red light showing on your inverter, it could well be the inverter that’s stopped functioning. Finding a replacement inverter isn’t a problem, meaning we can have your solar PV system back up and running without a fuss.

Solar PV Service & Repairs in Isleworth

Like with any technology, it is important for your solar PV system to be professionally serviced regularly so you can truly benefit from its cost-efficient abilities. In fact, keeping your system well-maintained with regular servicing can make your system 30% more efficient by detecting and repairing any hidden issues, before they become a headache. So, if you spot the electric output dropping, or if any warning lights start to flash, give GGRS’ friendly team in Doncaster a call so we can send out a qualified engineer to get it back up and running.

Solar PV Maintenance in Isleworth

Want to check if your system is running at 100% efficiency? We can perform a solar PV system diagnosis check for you so you can find out how your system is running, and if any work is required for your system to reach its full potential. Simply call the number above and we'll be out to your property to conduct a system check and report back any issues we've diagnosed.

Solar PV Installations in Isleworth

A solar panel installation on your home in Isleworth will use the sun’s energy to generate electricity efficiently. The electricity that is generated can then be used to power your home, saving you money on your energy bills all whilst being environmentally friendly.

If you have a storage battery installed, then you can truly get the most out of your solar panel installation by storing the energy that has been generated, but unused. This means you not only use up to 80% of the energy generated from your panels, but you will still get to reap the benefits from the Government’s Smart Export Guarantee. Depending on your power needs will depend on the type of solar panel installation you require for your home in Isleworth. If you require a large power output, then you will need a larger solar panel installation with more panels to accommodate your needs and will all be explained and provided in your free no obligation quote.

Don’t take our word for it.
See what our customers have to say.

Very Knowledgeable People

I found the whole experience to be very professional, speedily and efficiently carried out by people who knew what they were doing. I felt the advice I was given at the initial stages was factual without the undue sales pressure.

James Liverton

The Friendliest Of Service

I found the people I met and spoke to on the phone gave me the information I needed to make a considered decision without expecting me to sign on the dotted. I took my time before deciding to go ahead and throughout this period there was no heavy sales pitch.

Sue Marshall

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

1.Simply give us a call to receive a free, no-obligation quote for your solar PV repair, replacement inverter or maintenance in Doncaster.

2.To confirm your free, no-obligation quote in Doncaster, we shall complete a home survey at a time and date that suits you.

3.Once we have completed the survey and provided you with your quote, if you are happy to proceed, we shall agree a date for the work to commence so you can start your journey to a cost-saving energy efficient home in Doncaster.

Before you call us – Please take a look at some of the fixes to common faults:

Our customers are our number one priority

There’s always a caring and knowledgeable person on the phone who can advise you on our solar PV services in Isleworth and how we can save you money on your energy bills.

Fixed pricing for your peace of mind

Our pricing is fixed, so you don’t need to worry about any nasty surprise charges. What we quote you, is what you pay.

Saving money on your energy bills is guaranteed

We take care of everything for you, so you don’t have to. We’ll survey your home and come up with the best course of action to save you money on your energy bills, guaranteed.

You’ll receive a comprehensive guarantee and warranty

Our solar PV repair and maintenance services in Isleworth come with a comprehensive guarantee and manufacturer’s 10-year warranty.

Don’t just take our word for it

Our reputation means a lot to us, so the service we supply to our clients is of utmost importance.

Why should you choose to have batteries installed on your existing solar PV system?

If you already have a solar PV system, you probably already know the benefits and the money that can be saved due to its cost-efficient capabilities. But, do you know how you could save even more money from your solar PV panels by installing battery storage.

Unless you have battery storage fitted to your solar PV system, on average you’ll only be using 27% – 32% of the power you are generating. The Government pays you for 50% through the Export Tariff no matter how much you use.

What if we told you that with solar batteries you could use up to 80% of the energy you create, and still get paid for 50% of the energy you’ve generated? By having a battery storage system added to your existing solar PV system in Isleworth, you can manage the energy you’ve generated effectively and efficiently by storing it away if it isn’t used.

Battery storage works by storing surplus energy in the batteries for later use. The system can also be fitted with a built-in EPS (Emergency Power Supply) functionality, allowing you to make use of your stored energy in the event of a power outage.

Our solar PV fault guide

  • Check the 2-way board to ensure all the fuses are switched on.
  • Check your generation meter daily and take readings, have readings available when you phone in so the administrator can check these.
  • Has the CT Clamp been removed from the cabling near to your consumer unit?
  • This can be located near your Mains Inlet.
  • This is common when electrical engineers complete works in your home or when you have had a Smart Meter installed.
  • Is there an error message on your inverter?
  • If yes, research the error on the internet before calling GGRS, there should be instructions on what to do next.
  • Have you spoken to the Company that installed your system?
  • If they are no longer in business then have you checked your manufacturer’s warranties as you may still be covered? Please check this prior to calling GGRS, if you are still covered by your warranty then please call the manufacturer before making any call to GGRS.
  • Finally, before calling us, you may want to try and re-set your system
  • Below are standard Shut Down and Start up PV procedures.
  • Shut Down Isolation Procedure
  • Emergency shutdown of a PV system

In case of emergencies, the PV installation can be forced to stop power generation and be disconnected from the main building electrical supply by carrying out the following steps.

1. Turn the AC isolator marked "PV POINT OF EMERGENCY SWITCHING" to the OFF or "0" position.

2. The AC connection to the inverters will be lost.

3. The inverters will detect the loss of AC, will immediately remove themselves from the AC distribution system and will switch their DC inputs to "open circuit" mode.

4. Turn off the DC isolator(s) at the inverter location.

5. Although DC voltages will still be present in DC cabling there will be no DC current flowing through the cables.


The cover of the inverter should never be removed unless the unit has been completely isolated from both the DC and AC supplies. Once isolated the inverter cover should not be removed for approximately 30 minutes, this will allow the DC input stage capacitors to fully discharge.

This will ensure that the DC currents are reduced to zero before DC isolations carried out. Breaking a DC current can result in arcing which may cause damage to connectors. NEVER use a plug and socket to switch a DC current. The fully rated DC isolator adjacent to the inverter should be used to complete the DC isolation.

The following steps will result in full and safe isolation of the inverter.

1. Turn the labelled AC isolator adjacent to the inverter to the OFF position.

2. The invertor will then detect the loss of AC, will immediately remove itself from the AC distribution system and will switch its DC input to "open circuit" mode.

3. Turn the DC isolator adjacent to the invert to the OFF or "0" position. This will remove any DC voltage the inverter input connections.

Wait at least 30 minutes before removing the cover if access is required.


A display of the instantaneous PV system output (in kW) can be obtained from the inverter or in some cases the meter.

Start-up procedure

This section describes the sequence of actions required to start the PV installation generating electricity from the following initial conditions. In order to prepare the inverters for generation of power, the following steps should be followed to connect the DC supply. It is assumed that these operations are carried out in good light conditions.

1. All PV string cables checked for voltage and polarity and connected to the Dc isolator inputs. All DC cables connected between DC isolators and inverter inputs as per drawing. It is assumed that the system has been previously commissioned by trained personnel.

2. Turn on the DC isolator.

3. Main supply breaker CLOSED (i.e. switched ON).

4. Turn on the AC isolator.

5. After a delay of approximately 3 minutes, during which time the invertor will monitor the grid voltage and frequency. As soon as the inverter has completed the start-up test, the inverter should start to generate power.

6. Full details of invertor front panel LED flash codes are given in the inverter operation manual.